Remember When....

Remember when a handshake was your word? When your neighbors checked on one another? When the Gospel was preached un-watered down?

At Four Corners Country Church we believe that the Bible is the infallible Word of God, Sin is sin, Hell is hot and Jesus Christ is the only way into Heaven.

Keys to Life

At Four Corners Country Church, we have discovered that the keys to living a good life is good friends. Maintain those relationships and guard them with all your heart!

More importantly, we have found that the most important key to this life and our future life is our relationship with Jesus Christ.

If you have not come to know Jesus in your life, we want to introduce you to Him!


Our worship services are called Family Gatherings because we are all brothers and sisters - joint heirs to the kingdom of God!

We gather together each Sunday at 9:30 am with and excitement - excitement to see our family members that we haven't seen over the past week and excitement to see what God will do!

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